Friday, July 9, 2010

Makeup horros.......(or should I say Errors)

Walking on the streets of Lagos, I see different forms of makeup application on the faces of women, the good, the bad, the ridiculous and ugly. The whole idea of wearing makeup is to enhance the God given beauty we have other than that it's to cover blemishes or imperfections we might have. Am going to list some forms of makeup application that is simply a do not try or deciet from:
  • Let me start from the Eye brows……please what is with ladies shaving the whole brows away? sure God put the hairs there for a purpose. The hair on the brows give a form of definition to the face, taking it all off, makes the face look so plastic and plain, so all we are to do is shapen it. As if that isn’t bad enough, some ladies now take a very black eye pencil or wine or red and draw this thick line (I say line cuz I can’t think of what else to call it)across their brows, some draw the line so bad its almost touching their inners eyes and some it’s just a straight line….common ladies, our brows are suppose to look natural, that’s why we have brown eye pencils out there in the market, if you even have to use black, you don’t need to make it so dark, you are suppose to blend it in with the hair there.
  • Eye shadow application………why do some ladies take colors like gold or silver and paste it all over their eyelids…can we at least try to reduce the amount of color to our lower eyelids?....and apply eyeliner to define the eyes abit more. Please note, if it’s a day wear, don’t pack so much of these bright shimmery colors on the eyes…it makes you look funny……
  • Blush……….ok using blush is just to lighten up the face, and it’s applied on the cheek bones in a moderate amount, (the high point on the cheeks when u smile). But for some ladies, they apply the blush on the side of their face above the cheek bone, some to cover up burns from various creams and so on, and some right on the cheeks in high quantity making them look like clowns. Blush comes in different shades, so you have to find the one that is close to your skin tone.
  • Lips...Lips…lips………please stop applying silver lipstick and then line it with thick black pencil or even red lipstick and line with black, it’s just simply ugly. And for those of us with big pouted lips, please lets learn to line our lips and abeg not with black pencil o…lol
  • Foundation……….foundation comes in different skin shades…so please let’s learn to buy the ones that go with our skin tone so we don’t end up looking like a ghost or something…lol…and let’s try to blend it into the hair line and neck as much as possible. Cuz if u take a picture, trust me camera light would show it all.

Am sure there are still some errors I didn’t mention, but these are the few prominent ones I can think of to mention right now, would appreciate if you also comment on the ones you know.

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