Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Brother All Stars....

The Big Brother Africa All Stars reality Tv show started today with the arrival of all the house mates into the house all looking like the stars they are. The list of the all star cast are as follows:
  1. Mwisho from Tanzania
  2. Jen from Mozambique
  3. Paloma from Kitwe
  4. Munya from Zimbabwe
  5. Yacob from Addis Ababa
  6. Sheila from Kenya
  7. Sammi from Ghana
  8. Kaone from Gaborone
  9. Meryl
  10. Uti from Nigeria
  11. Lerato fromSouth Africa
  12. Hannington from Kampala
  13. Tatiana from Lunada
  14. Code

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