Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Me and Me alone..........

A couple of people said I dont Blog about myself at all.They wanted to know the makeup products I use on my face. So hear am I talking about myself a little bit. Ok to start with, cuz I have a smooth face and it isnt oily, I don't usually prep my face with a foundation primer, but a few times I do use one, its just so that the foundation comes on smoothly. I use either Mac Prep + Prime or Smash box Photo finish. As for foundation, I prefer to use Iman Cream to Powder foundation or Black opal Stick foundation. I use loose powder from Iman and Black Opal as well....(I love Iman alot...). For blush, I use different types as long as I can find the right shade. It could be from the Orekelewa Products(House of Tara), or Black opal, or Sleek. Lipsticks (I love red shades and light pink shades), lipgloss and eyeshadows also varies in range and colors as well.

So basically that is what I make use of for outings and everyday looks. And the picture above is me feeling cute and sexy or don't you think so? feel free to ask me anything.

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