Monday, June 14, 2010

Makeup Products for Women of Color (I mean we blacks)

Women of color at some point really needed makeup lines just for them and this was due to the fact that the cosmetics lines available were geared toward one type of complexion and these weren't compatible with darker skin tones.

However, there's been a great advancement in colors geared towards women of color in all makeup brands, and I do not mean cosmetic lines for women of color alone but also cosmetic lines that provides shades for women of color. But these are some of the brands that were created specially for women of color and brands I like to work with:

IMAN-Designed by a famous supermodel. It is centered on women of color, its a line with multi-cultural appeal. she has a wonderful range of products that are creamy and definately blend well.

BLACK OPAL-A cosmetics line specially formulated for women of color....also with a skin care line. And it comes at quite an affordable price.

FASHION FAIR-This cosmetics line was born in 1973 to cater to the needs of black women. Its one of the oldest makeup lines .

HOUSE OF TARA-Their vision being to be the first choice of cosmetics for every black women.

BM PRO-designed for the rich,beautiful,dark skin of african women...

LISE-a beauty range by Eni Lise Balogun...

Am sure some of you might be wondering why I didnt include names like MAC, MARYKAY, KEVYN AUCION well thats because these lines were not specially formulated for women of color, rather they have shades to accomodate dark skin tones. When I say formulated for women of color, I mean alot of things were not put into consideration e.g our weather conditions in Africa, thats why some times when we wear some of this products, in a very short while, our face becomes oily. But this mainly applies to their foundation and concealer products.

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