Saturday, June 12, 2010


These are basic tips that most of us by now already know of, am just going to list them out again so that those of us who don’t can learn from………….

Drink lots of water…this is a must do to prevent our skin from being dehydrated. At least seven to eight glasses a day would do…..

Break a sweat once in awhile…..if you are figuring out how to achieve this, a regular work out would help achieve this. It improves circulation, brings nourishment to your skin and gives it a healthy glow.

Habits………there are some bad habits that can harm the skin, for instance, too much of smoking, drinking of alcohol and caffeine (caffeine am trying to stop that myself). Am not saying ditch it totally, but like they say, ‘too much of everything is not good’ so the bottom line is nothing in excess.

Sleep……….now this part I like, cuz I love to sleep..(lol)……seven to eight hours a night is good and necessary especially for you workaholics out there. Tiredness leads to dark circles and deep lines. Medically, the skin is believed to rebuild itself when you sleep.

Healthy eating habits……..for people like me out there that are lovers of junk food; THIS IS BAD…lol….what works best for the skin is a diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables. I don’t mean fruits and vegetables only, but let it consist like 50% of your meals.

Medication…..there are some drugs that can have a negative effect on your skin; it might come in form of rashes, or breakouts, or dryness. If you notice this, you should not hesitate to consult your doctor.

Too much sun exposure………….go for moisturizer creams with sun block, and try to stay out of the mid-day sun as much as possible, cuz this is usually the hottest.

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