Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dance Queen Kaffy on a recording path........

One of Nigeria’s leading dancers and choreographers Kafayat Shafau a.k.a. Kaffy is launching her music career, after over a decade of her reign as the music industry’s number one dancer.

The gifted dancer, who won the Silverbird-Nokia Danceathon in 2006 after dancing for 55 hours and 40 minutes, told us early this week, that she’s now ready to pursue a career as an artiste, with the release of her debut singles ‘Omo Lasgidi’ and ‘What U Got’.

Kaffy, is respected by her peers for earning the Nigerian dancer some respect. Gone are the days when the dancer was an ordinary side-kick; a side attraction. Today, many dancers and their crews are hosting performances on their own; hitting stages all over the world as independent acts, and getting paid in full. And now, Miss Shafau is taking it further – becoming one of the few in her industry to add a recording career to their portfolio.

ok nice one.....who says Nigerians don't have skills or talents. I mean we are multi talented. From dance to music and maybe acting aswell. Thumbs up to her...........maybe I should consider a music career aswell o.....or what do you think?

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