Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What happened to Naomi's Hair???????

What happened to her hair?........That looks really bad or don't you think so?

Me and Me alone..........

A couple of people said I dont Blog about myself at all.They wanted to know the makeup products I use on my face. So hear am I talking about myself a little bit. Ok to start with, cuz I have a smooth face and it isnt oily, I don't usually prep my face with a foundation primer, but a few times I do use one, its just so that the foundation comes on smoothly. I use either Mac Prep + Prime or Smash box Photo finish. As for foundation, I prefer to use Iman Cream to Powder foundation or Black opal Stick foundation. I use loose powder from Iman and Black Opal as well....(I love Iman alot...). For blush, I use different types as long as I can find the right shade. It could be from the Orekelewa Products(House of Tara), or Black opal, or Sleek. Lipsticks (I love red shades and light pink shades), lipgloss and eyeshadows also varies in range and colors as well.

So basically that is what I make use of for outings and everyday looks. And the picture above is me feeling cute and sexy or don't you think so? feel free to ask me anything.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

List of Main Winners at the 2010 BET Awards

The BET Awards made history on the 27th of June 2010 with the biggest names in music, from then and now, taking the stage to celebrate the show's 10th anniversary. Thess are few of the winners that went home with awards:

Best female R & B Artist --------------- Alicia Keys
Best Female Hip-Hop Artist------------ Nicki Minaj
Best male Hip-Hop Artist -------------- Drake
Best Collaboration --------------------- Jay Z & Alicia Keys - 'Empire State of Mind'
Best Male R & B Artist----------------- Tray Songz
Video of the Year ---------------------- Beyonce & Lady Gaga - 'Video Phone'
Sportwoman of the Year --------------- Serena Williams
Lifetime Achievement Award---------- Prince

What is Pharrel putting on....omg it looks like he just stepped out of his house or something and not on a red carpet event. And were simply beautiful in your red like.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Exfoliating your dry chapped lips

Some of us might be experiencing what you call dry lips or chapped lips. I use to have this until I knew about exfoliating……(yes it’s not your face alone that needs exfoliating). Exfoliating the lips is quite an easy thing to do and you don’t need more than 2 minutes of your time to do this. First step:
  • Apply a thick layer of Vaseline to your lips.
  • Using a soft toothbrush, simply rub your lips gently in circular motions. The toothbrush would exfoilate and the vaseline would heal and hyderate.
  • If you don't have a toothbrush, mix some sugar or coffee grounds into you Vaseline and gently use your finger to rub in circular motions.
  • If you still don't have a toothbrush (which I very much doubt you won't have one) take your towel, wet it a bit and rub on your lips in circular motions.
  • And if you don't have coffee grounds or sugar, just take your toothbrush wet it a bit and rub on your lips in circular motions.

Simple and easy right?......try it and tell me what you think and what you felt (I mean results)...................

Friday, June 25, 2010

Remembering Michael Jackson

Today marks one year anniversary of the death of the king of pop music Michael Jackson. He was
one of the most influential artists of all time and his influence didn’t stop with pop and r&b. His music and career despite the the hiccups was very and still remains relevant to alot of people. What’s interesting is that it seems and feels like it was only yesterday that we found out the news that Michael had passed away; but at the same times, it feel like it’s been a good while since so much has happened in the past year. But one thing is certain, Michael Jackson is a legend and he would be remembered for a long long time to come.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lise Pro Wknd Makeup Courses


Our Intense makeup courses are in professional makeup artistry,from skincare/prep ,beauty & fashion,editorial makeup,eyelash application & airbrushing effects.....and lots more.

(JUNE 26 & 27) 11-5PM

Get the skills to work in:
* Skincare/Skin Prep
* Pro Bridal Makeup
* Beauty & Fashion Makeup
* Face Painting Artistry
* Using Hd Makeup
* Photography Makeup
* Airbrush application
* Highlights & Contouring
* Brow Customization
* Face Charts
* Eyelash application
* Gele artistry


FEE: 29,500
(Pls call or text to confirm payments for seat reservation)

08098LISEUP / 08026401985

More makeup jobs................

She turned out beautiful don't you think?.............I love bridal pictures with the headtie and the many colors displayed. And kudos to our photographers out there, you guys are doing a great job making brides look gorgeous cuz apart from the makeup, the pictures also go a long way as well.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guess Who???????????

Vanessa Carlton: 'I Am A Proud Bisexual Woman'

Singer Vanessa Carlton has 'outed' herself as bisexual - in front of an 18,000-strong crowd at a gay and lesbian festival in Nashville, Tennessee.

The A Thousand Miles star was headlining the Nashville Pride Festival at the city's Riverfront Park on Sunday when she told the huge crowd of revelers, "I've never said this before, but I am a proud bisexual woman."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Jewels by Lisa Autum / Winter 2010 Lookbook.

Lisa Folawiyo's label JEWELS BY LISA released images for the lookbook of its Autum/Winter collection.

source: SHF

Solange Knowles in Ankara print

That looks very much like ankara right?........please correct me if am wrong. Its good to know our fabric is going places worldwide or don't you think so?

Friday, June 18, 2010

‘Eclecto Chic’ –Tiffany Amber evolves for A/W 2010-11 Collection

Folake Folarin-Coker, Lead Designer and Creative Director of Tiffany Amber releases her lookbook for Tiffany Amber’s Autumn/Winter 2010-11. Tiffany Amber has evolved yet retained its timeless classic essence with her designs which is simply breath taking. Tiffany Amber was awarded Designer of the Year 2009/2010 at the Arise Africa fashion week in South Africa. Tiffany amber collection has shown in over 40 fashion events such as the Mnet Face of Africa, Cape town Fashion week, Durban fashion week, New York Fashion week and many more.

I have to say this designs are simply must haves or don't you think so?.....

source: nigeriafilms.


After a hard football match encounter that led to the Super Eagles of Nigeria losing to Greece at the ongoing World Cup in South Africa,it has been talks all the way for Sani Kaita, one of the players who got a red card for kicking another player.

Burying his head in shame, the Nigerian player, marched off the field of player dejected.

Nigerian Nigeria online community especially facebook wasted no time in condemning the fist of anger displayed by Kaita on the field of the play.

'A new mental sickness has just been discovered by Neurosurgeons. It is called KAITAISIS. It affects the victim's ability to think right or make right judgement especially when it matters most. Victims often confuse the game of soccer for a karate session. Its impact can be monumental as it can become a crisis to a nation'
'Federal Character + Quota system = Kaita'
'A new word has been added to the Dictionary."KAITA" A man who single handedly hinder the hope of his country for reason best known to him. "Kaita" can be use in place of words like Jeopardy, Hinder, Sabotage, Disrupt, Antagonist, fool etc. Examples are Don't kaita what we have been building for 11 yrs in one day. Don't be a Kaita e.t.c.'

Yes the guy messed up, but I think we should give the guy a break.......his messup isnt as bad as Murtalab (did i spell that that tried to blow up a plane.

Miss Nigeria returns after six years

After six years of being absent from the peagent world, Miss Nigeria is set to return to the social calender and for the very first time in its histroy, to be activated in three continents.Africa, Europe and North America.

The Chief executive officer, and creative director of the pageant, Nike Oshinowo-Soleye, disclosed this at a meeting which held at Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos. According to her, that the new ‘Miss Nigeria Pageant' will once again showcase positive attributes of the Nigerian woman, namely - elegance, poise, talent, intelligence and as well as beauty.She noted that ‘Miss Nigeria' historically has been a role model to the Nigerian society at large, and a spokesperson for national volunteerism and charity, while using her title to educate millions of Nigerians on issues of importance to herself and the society.She restated Miss Nigeria's is commitment to empowering young women.

This year's winner, she said would win a full scholarship to be educated in any institute of higher learning of her choice, anywhere in the world; a luxury car, one year's salary and accommodation in Lagos, a year's wardrobe from leading Nigerian designers, as well as gifts from sponsors.The winner of the pageant will also spend her year in office working for the Miss Nigeria Foundation. She will also work with federal and state governments' ministries of culture, tourism, health and women affairs.

In addition, she will also work on special projects on behalf of international NGOs like the World Health Organisation and UNESCO. Call for entries into the pageant is expected to last between June and July, with zonal castings in five Nigerian cities, New York and London between July and August. The final event comes up on September 25 in Abuja where the new queen will be crowned.

Hot....Sexy....Pretty.....Cute....Pick your choice..

Am going to be adding my picture to this list very who do you think is just hotter or sexier or simply breath taking?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lil Kim Journey Through Style

I have to say, she is one artist that intrigues me with her fashion style. But I think of all, I like this last purple dress better......what do u think?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dance Queen Kaffy on a recording path........

One of Nigeria’s leading dancers and choreographers Kafayat Shafau a.k.a. Kaffy is launching her music career, after over a decade of her reign as the music industry’s number one dancer.

The gifted dancer, who won the Silverbird-Nokia Danceathon in 2006 after dancing for 55 hours and 40 minutes, told us early this week, that she’s now ready to pursue a career as an artiste, with the release of her debut singles ‘Omo Lasgidi’ and ‘What U Got’.

Kaffy, is respected by her peers for earning the Nigerian dancer some respect. Gone are the days when the dancer was an ordinary side-kick; a side attraction. Today, many dancers and their crews are hosting performances on their own; hitting stages all over the world as independent acts, and getting paid in full. And now, Miss Shafau is taking it further – becoming one of the few in her industry to add a recording career to their portfolio.

ok nice one.....who says Nigerians don't have skills or talents. I mean we are multi talented. From dance to music and maybe acting aswell. Thumbs up to her...........maybe I should consider a music career aswell o.....or what do you think?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Makeup Products for Women of Color (I mean we blacks)

Women of color at some point really needed makeup lines just for them and this was due to the fact that the cosmetics lines available were geared toward one type of complexion and these weren't compatible with darker skin tones.

However, there's been a great advancement in colors geared towards women of color in all makeup brands, and I do not mean cosmetic lines for women of color alone but also cosmetic lines that provides shades for women of color. But these are some of the brands that were created specially for women of color and brands I like to work with:

IMAN-Designed by a famous supermodel. It is centered on women of color, its a line with multi-cultural appeal. she has a wonderful range of products that are creamy and definately blend well.

BLACK OPAL-A cosmetics line specially formulated for women of color....also with a skin care line. And it comes at quite an affordable price.

FASHION FAIR-This cosmetics line was born in 1973 to cater to the needs of black women. Its one of the oldest makeup lines .

HOUSE OF TARA-Their vision being to be the first choice of cosmetics for every black women.

BM PRO-designed for the rich,beautiful,dark skin of african women...

LISE-a beauty range by Eni Lise Balogun...

Am sure some of you might be wondering why I didnt include names like MAC, MARYKAY, KEVYN AUCION well thats because these lines were not specially formulated for women of color, rather they have shades to accomodate dark skin tones. When I say formulated for women of color, I mean alot of things were not put into consideration e.g our weather conditions in Africa, thats why some times when we wear some of this products, in a very short while, our face becomes oily. But this mainly applies to their foundation and concealer products.